The Alliance of Patriots of Georgia: “Georgia Should Overcome Poverty – And Our People Shall Finally Rejoice!”

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April 12, 2016
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June 6, 2017

The Alliance of Patriots of Georgia: “Georgia Should Overcome Poverty – And Our People Shall Finally Rejoice!”

Batumi, Georgia - on April 14th the leaders of the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia held a town hall meeting with their supporters in the city of Batumi to discuss how Georgia can overcome poverty and the party’s strategy for winning the upcoming Parliamentary Elections 2016.

The town hall meeting, which was held in the Batumi Summer Theatre, gathered more than 1,300 people. Since the number of attendees exceeded the space reserved for the venue, a large gathering of people stood outside so that they too could participate in the event and show their support for the party and its leaders.

During the meeting, the leaders of the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia raised the critical issues in the country and shared with the audience their vision for solving the major social and economic problems. "First of all, Georgian people should feel that government is interested in their fate! Government is obligated to care about its citizens and their needs. And we should always remember that government should serve people, not vice versa! We have a very specific program, which is aimed to improve the level of life in our country. Georgia should overcome poverty - and our people shall finally rejoice!" - stated David Tarkhan-Mouravi, the Chairman of the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia.

Tarkhan-Mouravi also described how Georgia can overcome homelessness and the lack of housing: ""Every year the state should allocate 2% from the state budget and use this money to build apartments. These apartments will then be gifted annually to approximately 4,000 families, which live below the poverty line. For families not below the poverty line, but at an average level or below the average level (including newly married couples), the state should create a program of low interest loans so that they will be able to pay a mortgage of approximately $100 per month and, thus, can become apartment owners within 30-40 years".

The party Chairman also discussed how the country can improve healthcare: "Paid clinics, paid hospitals, and a private health insurance system should all be developed, but at the same time we should establish free municipal clinics and hospitals throughout the country. These free municipal clinics and hospitals will serve the population – including those without any medical insurance".

When asked by the audience how we can help poor families, Tarkhan-Mouravi said, "Poor families should receive necessary food for free from the government. These poor families should also receive most medicines and essential seasonal clothing for free, as well as be able to use municipal transport for free".

David Tarkhan-Mouravi remarked on the major issue of education as well: "Our goal is to eventually join the EU. However, we have nothing to do in the EU without a proper level of education. This is why we must cultivate the generation of well-educated people. Pre-school and school education should be compulsory for every citizen and provided for free. A three-year course of general higher education should be established, and it should also be compulsory for every citizen and provided for free. Then Baccalaureate and Masters programs should follow. Scientific-research institutes should be restored, and connections between science institutes and universities for education should be revived, since science is inseparable from education. Teachers should be engaged in scientific research activities, and they should be provided with the highest salaries".

Also during the town hall meeting David Tarkhan-Mouravi, Irma Inashvili, Ada Marshania, David Tedoradze, and other leaders of the party answered numerous questions from the residents of Batumi and encouraged the audience to vote for the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia and its program in the upcoming Parliamentary Elections in October 2016.