The Alliance of Patriots of Georgia Demands the Immediate Investigation of the Citizens’ Claims Related to the Crimes Committed by Saakashvili’s Regime

The Alliance of Patriots of Georgia Demands the Immediate Investigation of the Citizens’ Claims Related to the Crimes Committed by Saakashvili’s Regime

Protest Rally Against Inactivity of the Prosecutor’s Office.
3,000 participants, Tbilisi, Georgia

On August 8, 2013, the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia held a protest rally with more than 3,000 protesters in front of the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia in Tbilisi. The protesters were demanding the immediate investigation of all claims related to the crimes committed by Saakashvili’s tyrannical regime, as well as the resignation of the Chief Prosecutor Archil Kbilashvili due to his incompetence in this post.

In the 10-year period of Mikheil Saakashvili’s rule, a majority of the Georgian people suffered and was terrorized.

Saakashvili’s regime was constantly working to discredit its political rivals, and with this aim it was regularly organizing secret filmings and recordings of the private lives of its opponents. Furthermore, people (including political rivals) were put in prison, where they were often subjected to physical, moral, and sexual abuse by prison officers and senior authorities of the state penal system. These penal system authorities recorded the process of tortures on video cameras to blackmail and discredit people in the future. Thus, unwanted individuals and all opponents were either imprisoned or physically eliminated by the regime.

For 10 years of Saakashvili’s rule, the courts rendered just 0.01% of acquittals, since almost everyone, who was accused of some crime, was imprisoned (even if this was done on false charges, and the victim was not guilty). During this period, tens of thousands of prisoners were subjected to constant tortures and beatings to such an extent that many of them have never recovered their health. In addition, there were a large number of deaths of prisoners as a result of these beatings and tortures. Moreover, hundreds of people were raped in prisons.

Also many Georgian businessmen and citizens became the victims of illegal seizure of their property. This all happened due to the fact that the courts, as well as the Prosecutor’s Office, were completely controlled by Saakashvili’s regime.

After the downfall of Saakashvili’s dictatorial regime in 2012, the Prosecutor’s Office received more than 22,000 claims related to the crimes of the former government. However, as soon as the new government came to power, instead of punishing Saakashvili and his officials for their crimes against the citizens, it publicly announced a so-called "cohabitation" with the former regime. Following this direction, the Prosecutor’s Office investigated none of the 22,000 claims of Georgian citizens.

This fact caused a huge outrage among the Georgian population, which was demanding the restoration of justice, the return of their illegally seized property, and the punishment of the former government’s criminal authorities under the Law.

Thus, the Alliance of Patriots of Georgia held a large-scale rally to protest against inactivity of the Prosecutor’s Office and demanded the immediate investigation of the citizens’ claims. As a result of the party’s rally, the Chief Prosecutor Archil Kbilashvilisi resigned from his post.